School Prom

05/06/2010 16:26

Calling all young ladies and gentlemen, that time of the year is here, you have finally been given the date for your prom night. Let Prom Limo Hire be at your services and provide with all your transport requirements for your school prom.

Most young people can’t think of their prom without thinking about getting a limo for the big occasion. Prom Limo Hire has an extensive fleet of limos and prestige cars to get you and your friends to the prom in style. An enormous amount of time and effort is placed on preparing you for leaving school for college, university or employment. Part of this preparation is putting closure on your school life by celebrating your achievements made at your school prom.

Each young person wants this occasion to be a celebration and a party to remember. The prom will be one of the most important events in schooling experience and it is a night which is looked forward to for months.

Prom Limo Hire specialises in providing stylish transport for this event which will be hip and trendy. We have recognised the need to adapt our service to meet the needs of young people. We ensure that there will no alcohol available in the bar but we will provide a complementary bar of soft drinks. Prom Limo Hire vehicles have great sound systems and interior lighting that it will feel like you are already at the prom or in a nightclub. We are aware that music tastes will be different than some of our other clients, and may change depending on which class of mates they ‘hang out’ with. We will provide a wide and varied CD collection but encourage all young people to bring along their collection for them to play as they travel to the prom.